Venice, Italy 2019. Model: Svetlana Anzak
Photography by Matt Anzak

Fine Art Photography

In this section, we explore photographic series: "The Spiritual Journey", "Journey to Wonderland", "Circling the Square" and "The Seed." Images are shot on location in Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Italy.

About Us

Dea Lux

Svetlana Anzak, the Muse, the Goddess of Light grew up in Russia with the soul of an adventurer, a world traveler.  Her heart beams with healing energy and a spirit to inspire all those she encounters.

The Coupling

During a trip to Italy in 2009, Svetlana met her future husband, Matt Anzak, who was exhibiting his artwork in Castello Estense Ferrara. She accompanied this strange artist to Venice, where they fell in love.  Since then, they have journeyed to over a dozen countries in pursuit of unique experiences in beautiful, meditative and spiritual settings. Art is Life and Life is Art. 

Full Circle

Many of our prints are available for purchase in the Products section; and a share of proceeds go to local and international causes. To see more Dea Lux inspired artwork, please visit