Matt Anzak

Matt Anzak is an international artist and curator based out of North Texas. Matt works in multiple media and has exhibited his creations in art venues throughout the United States, as well as in England, France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, Israel and Australia. Matt has curated nearly four dozen gallery exhibitions and has facilitated numerous workshops and cultural events. Matt is currently focused on strengthening connections between creativity and spirituality, and on relating new models of expression to an international community.



  OSEI OVID is a multimedia content producer now living in the Dallas area. He has chosen to create video presentations only using the cell phone as a means of expression in response to exploring the concept of intimacy within a space structure as a premise for Art Nomadic’s work. He continues to develop a visionary approach to image creation primarily based on a unity narrative.


Trent Mann

 Trent Mann was painting canvases and sculpting full-time when he started his lapidary business over 20 years ago; and a painter-and-sculptor’s approach to gem carving is apparent in his work. Trent also designs jewelry around his gem cuts, creating highly-integrated pieces where the metalwork appears as almost an extension of the carving.
His signature is the architectural pendants he calls assemblages: quartz crystals pieced together using fluorescent epoxy. Originally, he was making miniature cityscapes, sometimes incorporating carved wood, onyx, and colored stones. Lately, his assemblages have become more abstract, often with Deco overtones.

Matt Anzak Artist CV


My artwork ranges from figure and landscape to nonobjective abstraction, and explores a variety of media, technique, and subject matter. I believe that creativity is a means of exploring identity, subjective truth, and spiritual relevance. My artistic intent stems from a desire to reference social and political concepts in the context of mythology, religion, dream motifs and sacred geometry. From my perspective, the process is the journey, where discovering a rich composite of intuition, reason, and reflection is the intention.


Matt Anzak studied fine art the University of North Texas and has been traveling regularly since 1998, either creating or exhibiting artwork. Matt has shown his paintings throughout the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Santa Fe and Miami, as well as in international art epicenters such as London, Paris, Florence, Prague, Sydney and Tel Aviv. Matt has worked as a group coordinator for the International Biennale Artists group, and with cultural organizations including the Texas Muslim Women's Foundation and the Islamic Art Revival Series, the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, ProArt and Contraria Arte in Italy, and Bhavan Australia in Sydney, as well as a founding member of Ivy Paris in France. Matt has curated around four dozen gallery exhibitions, and has been involved in producing numerous multicultural projects, catalogs and art workshops. Matt Anzak works with mixed-media content for the Art Nomadic collective; and his artwork is currently represented by Galerie Daliko in Krems, Austria.

Moksha by Matt Anzak. Oil on Burlap.

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